24 March '15

Spunky animated IT boffin Jess features in a Yukfoo mini-movie

Free your TV

As part of the ‘Free Your TV’ campaign for free-to-air digital TV service Freeview. Directed by Kristian Antonelli, in collaboration with True (Auckland), the spot gives new meaning to to the term “compassionate leave” as Jess liberates a very sad and distraught TV from the dead boring stockbroker’s office where she works. 

The online movie, which clocks in at just under 2 minutes, was designed and directed by Kristian Antonelli, who worked on the Oscar winning ‘Gravity’ as a pre-vis artist and as an animator on Warner Bros. ‘Wrath of the Titans’. Antonelli says of the process, “It was exciting to take the original 30” concept and create more of a story and a world around it. It gave us the opportunity to expand on our visual ideas and bring a nice level of subtlety and nuance to our main character Jess.


See it here

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