Animation - It’s more than just a word for creating the illusion of movement, at Yukfoo it’s the air that we breathe and source of our creative nourishment.



We fervently believe that through animation we can find new ways of seeing and visualising the world we live in and reimagining the stories that people have always had an innate need to share with each other.

Deep within the Yukfoo psyche is a desire to create, invent, tell stories, bring characters to life and do all of those things that, when we were young, our parents told us wasn’t a real job. Quite simply through animation we have found a way that allows us to connect with others, it crosses language and cultural boundaries and can speak directly to the humanness within us all.


Creating fine handcrafted animation for discerning clients since late last century.

Yukfoo is an animation facility and production company operating out of Auckland, New Zealand and both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.


The collective talent that makes up the Yukfoo team - Directors, Animators, Designers, Illustrators, Digital Artists and Producers - are all driven by a passion for creating distinctive, visually compelling work.


Yukfoo has been producing bespoke animated content for over 25 years and, during that time, has established a reputation as being an innovative, original and creatively adventurous studio.


The Yukfoo studio produces Features, Shorts, Broadcast Packages, TV commercials, Documentary, music videos, TV series, original IP, interactive and game content for screens of all sizes and for clients across the globe. We enthusiastically embrace whatever technologies we can get our hands on (or invent) to create animation that works.


Yukfoo looks forward to many more years of successful collaboration and creation and to continuing to make animated magic happen.


The Yukfoo team has expertise in production techniques across the animation spectrum, from hand-crafted works of art to high-tech design-driven communication, all grounded in a fundamental understanding of what makes animation such a great way of connecting with people.

At Yukfoo we avidly consume culture - both old and new, refined and demented, polished and naïve – it’s about finding the elusive “something new under the sun”. Digging deeply into the realms of human creative endeavour allows us to bring a creative consciousness into all of our work, it gives us the tools to make life out of nothing – the alchemy that is animation.


Yukfoo is no stranger to accolades. We create award-winning work.

Our collection includes an Emmys nomination, D&AD coveted Black Pencil, Gold pencils, Silver Pencils, metal from Cannes Lions, The One Show, and AWARD; and are regularly featured in Shots, Stash and Luerzers Archive.


The disciplines of Yukfoo


Yukfoo has been around long enough to see animation trends come and go and come again. We have experience in animation techniques that range from 2D Traditional to CGI to Stop Motion to completely experimental – we’ll use whatever technique is necessary to get the best look and the best result for any project.


Live Action

Live Action and Animation are beautiful bedfellows, melding together the best of both worlds. At Yukfoo we often combine the two to create unique visions and stories.



At Yukfoo we pride ourselves on originality in our work and, almost always, design the projects that we animate. With a long history of Character design and animation our work draws on a passionate desire to always bring something new to the table.


Post Production

Yukfoo will take a project from start to finish - from the rawest of ideas through to a polished end product. Our in-house Post Production team brings both experience and an eye for detail that lifts our work to a triple A + rating.



At Yukfoo we are often tasked with putting pen to paper as part of a project and this, combined with our understanding of the complex animation process, allows us to write copy that takes full advantage of both our skills and of any budget.


The people behind the weird Japanese-sounding name that is Yukfoo


What our clients have to say about Yukfoo.

“I don’t like Yukfoo, I love Yukfoo! These guys are a pleasure to work with: reliable, professional, very accommodating and talented. The effort they put in to get a project off the ground, up and running, is testament to their enthusiasm and passion for their work”

Sue Bell, Broadcast Goddess, DDB Vancouver


“Yukfoo has assembled a team of top animators and producers from around the globe so that as a client, you don’t have to travel the world to get the best. On budget! On time! On board from start to finish in terms of commitment. And a final product that was way beyond all our expectations!

Tony Pereira, ECD, Dentsu Singapore


“I often work with the guys and gals at Yukfoo, I’d go as far to say that they are our number one go to for animation people. Forever helping us out and very professional about it too. The creatives love them and have helped us win many an award and complete many a successful campaign”

Denise McKeon, Head of Integrated Production, Clemenger BBDO Sydney.


Wanna work at Yukfoo - this is what to do

Yukfoo is always on the lookout for talent, so if you are talent then we want to see what you’ve got – which means send us an email with your CV, a link to your online showreel/portfolio and no expectation that we will respond immediately, give you a job or comment excessively on the quality (or not) of your work. We will take a look at what you send us and if you make the grade we’ll file your details away in our records for the moment when your talent becomes what we need. We look forward to seeing what you can do. Send all correspondence to [email protected] with a clear message in the subject line and a suitably sycophantic covering letter.