Anders Schroder combines abstract with sensual to create a strikingly unique batch of idents for TV3’s female-skewed lifestyle channel TV3 Puls (and realises the design store of the future in the process).

director: Anders Schroder

The brief

TV3 was very focused on the idea of creating an identity package that reflected the feel of the channel rather than the content of it. They had to be abstract, clearly avoiding literal clichees and had to be all graphic. Obviously it was very important for the channel to fit into the TV3 family while still holding its own.

In order to reflect the mood of the channel we were drawn towards natural materials and textures to create something that you would love to touch and feel. At the same time we did not want to be literal so we invented fictive objects and shapes that resembled abstract interior/design objects but that clearly did not have a real-world purpose. These semi-natural objects were deliberately mixed with all-synthetic CG objects which were then arranged into still-life-esque compositions.

We decided to base each ident around abstract concepts such as, a breath of fresh air, opening up, socializing, attraction, and balance. All positive concepts that could serve as the driving idea behind each ident.

We wanted to create a unique look that was cutting edge and aspirational with (wo)Man at the center of the idea.

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