Darbo - Aviatrix

A Bee Story! A cheeky and sexy story of a courageous Aviatrix Bee, specially chosen to fly a dangerous mission in search of the purest pollen for Darbo Honey. Thanks to Blockhead and Tracey Rowe for bringing us in on this project.

Behind the scenes

There is something magical about collaborative projects and it’s great to be part of a team that brings such a diversity of skills to the table. Watching a project like this unfold from conception to completion is immensely satisfying.


It’s not often that the artists at Yukfoo have the opportunity to get the brushes out on a project but to ensure that we got the watercolour look just right each frame of the animation was carefully hand-painted before being scanned and composited into the final film. There were a few spillage accidents but at least watercolours wash out pretty easily.


Below is a visual summary of the process. We take a look behind the camera and delve into the animators sketch book.  As is often the case the bulk of the art doesn't see the light of day but it all helps to focus in on the goal. 

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