Let Me Be Me

The animation sequences are all built on a 3D CGI world of fabric. Yukfoo aimed to create a tactile feel that could bridge the gap in the missing parts of the story where there was no footage to show. Using the same texture and softness, that we see Kyle using in the film, the animation is a perfect accompaniment to the live footage and adds a dimension to the story that would have otherwise not been possible.

agency: Wavelength Productions (NYC)

director: Alan Dickson

“This movie is heartbreaking and hopeful, it really resonated with our family.” – Amy Schumer

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The film makes use of old home video footage and contemporary interview material to tell the story of Kyle, who was on the Autism spectrum and the radical and quite amazing journey he and his family undertook.

As a child Kyle would use fabrics and blankets to wrap himself up in order to hide from the world. This also allowed him to feel comfort and create a space where he could be himself in his own world. Kyle eventually grows up to become a fashion designer and uses the very material he took comfort in to conquer his disability.

For Wavelength Productions: Dan Crane CO-DIRECTOR / WRITER, Katie Taber CO-DIRECTOR, Jenifer Westphal EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Joe Plummer PRODUCER. For Yukfoo: Kate Goodwin PRODUCER, Alan Dickson DIRECTOR, Jason Poley LEAD 3D / Design, Octavio De Lellis VFX Supervisor, Jessica Herrera ANIMATOR, Jackie Nguyen CHARACTER DESIGN, Alex Dron CHARACTER DESIGN, Deep Chahal CG Modelling

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