The Giant - Palau Pledge

Multi-award winning conservation piece likened to the retelling of an historic tribal legend.

agency: Havas Sydney

director: Evan Viera

producer: Amy Neave

A pledge for the children of Palau

The island of Palau is a beautiful prisitne environment, the giant wants to play but does not realise it's strength and size can be destructive. Our world must be protected to maintain places of significant and unique diversity.

This film acts out a metaphor for mass tourism and the effects it is having on this tiny pacifc nation. With one simple yet powerful idea this campaign sets out to change the behaviour of those who come to Palau. Requiring by law that each individual tourist sign a pledge, to the children of Palau, in their passport on arrival. This piece sets out to plant that seed of a thought, protect the environment for the children that will follow us, before it is too late and it disappears forever. 

Vistors to Palau will see this film on board their arrival flight.

Co-Director: Tommy Wooh (ROYGBIV)

DP: Andy Commis

Drone: Chris Lansell (Flying Dragon)

Production and animation: Yukfoo

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