As an inhuman army of unknown origin rips apart her homeland, a young girl discovers within herself a well of mystical power that she neither wants nor understands. Together with her sister and an old sage, she strikes out across the war-torn countryside, searching for the truth behind an ancient family secret that could save the world from annihilation.

director: Evan Viera


AIKO is more than the sum of its parts. It is more than an adventure story, or a fantasy epic, or a portrait of apocalyptic societal collapse. AIKO is an animated series whose soul resides in the profound physical and emotional journey undertaken by its characters. A young woman is desperate to find belonging in an oppressive world; an old man seeks to carry out his liege lord's dying wish; an innocent child is confronted with the madness of violence and war. Intense struggle, overwhelming loss, and survival in a landscape overrun by monsters that hunger for living flesh.
AIKO is set in a world inspired by our own—a reflection of a pivotal era in human development that sent us spinning like freewheeling tops onward into the twentieth century. The story draws much inspiration from real-world history, weaving actual events into the fabric of the narrative—events that gain significance when the story eventually leaves Japan's shores and ventures out into the wider world.

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