Never Follow

One of the best projects we’ve come across recently. Putting an important and good message in the guise of a street style commercial that you could be forgiven for mistaking as an Adidas or Nike spot. As we discover though, this is definitely not that ad.

agency: Thinkerbell

director: Evan Viera

producer: Amy Neave

The Line

Screening in cinema and online this short animated film aims to appeal to a male youth audience. The message is that you can walk in your own direction and stand up for your own values and that you don't have to follow, the sometimes bad behaviors, that you see around you. 

Tackling issues around masculinity and what that means and having respect towards women are important issues in society.

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character animation
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Alan Dickson
Alex Dron
Kristian Antonelli
Evan Viera
Amy Neave

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