Ministry of Stories

director: Mr Kaplin

The Ministry of Stories is an imaginative space and community that supports and inspires young people to write. They run innovative storytelling and writing workshops in disadvantaged areas that empower young people’s imaginations and build confidence, self-respect and communication skills. They provide a publishing platform for young writers so their voices and stories are heard. 

Partnering with RY and the Ministry of Stories, Yukfoo directors Mr Kaplin and creative producer One Small Pixel worked to help bring that story to life – a charming tale of a character who lives in a world full of stories and is looking for help to get their own voice heard.

To make sure that this simple but universal story had wide appeal we adopted a very straight forward, stripped back, almost elemental approach to the narrative, one that reads like a fable.

 The aim was to capture the mission of the Ministry of Stories and the wonderful things that can happen when young people’s ideas are nurtured and shared.

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