Cheeky Check-Up

agency: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

director: Alan Dickson

Animated breast cancer awareness campaign

This series of three infographic animation TVC's shows women how they can incoprorate routine check-ups into their everyday lives.  The great power of this communictaion lies in the cheeky, humourous approach that demonstrates just how easy a self check is to do.  A lot of women are put off self checking beacuse they worry about doing it incorrectly.  We aimed for a light hearted approachable tone in this animation and paired it with a simple, fun, infographic design style in the hope it would resonate with a youthful, feminine audience. 

The contrast between the cheeky, fun tone and the traditionally anaemic formal graphic design of infographics, typically found in the likes of airline safety cards, provides a fitting metaphor to this work.   That being a sterile medical check can be done casually in a carefree moment.

We hope the campaign encourages all women to take a moment out of their everyday routines and get to know the normal look and feel of their breasts.

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Alan Dickson
Glen Real
Clemenger BBDO

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