Dan Sumich

Dan started his career in Auckland New Zealand training to become a Cinematographer. Being a huge fan of animation Dan jumped at the chance to work with Jungle Book animator John Ewing on Disney and Warner Brothers animated series such as DuckTales and Animaniacs. After working in Los Angeles and Sydney Dan moved to London in 1994, where he worked for many top studios in various positions before starting his directing career in 1996. Dan quickly established himself as one of the most innovative directors in the industry by mastering every discipline, from live-action through CG and even stop-motion. He has worked with iconic characters like the Peanuts gang and Gorillaz, but is equally adept at creating his own, as seen in the frenetic CG action film The Butterfly Effect, conceived and written by Dan and created entirely in the Unity game engine. Hungry to tell longer format stories Dan took the leap into the television series world where he was Supervising Director and Art Director on Bill Burr’s Emmy Award winning Netflix show F is for Family for 3 seasons. He supervised an international team spanning LA, Paris, Canada and New Zealand. As well as developing the show with the immensely talented Mike Price and Bill Burr, Dan also conceived and directed the opening title sequence. Dan is comfortable leading multiple creative teams and training junior artists, while displaying excellent organisational and project management skills. Possessing strong attention to detail while being easily adaptable to changes within a highly dynamic environment. Dan is very versatile, being able to work in a wide range of styles, techniques and genres of film, from comedy, drama to action adventure. As well as having a great sense of humour and being generally awesome and totally humble. Dan has recently finished writing his first animated feature film script, and continues to develop new weird and wonderful concepts and ideas.


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